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Models / SavvyG

Avg Rating: 3.5

SavvyG Vital Stats:

Savvy brings a lot of fun to a set. He is a joy to work with.

SavvyG Updates

The Passion 3
Leilani Lei, SavvyG
Mature woman is reading when her sun’s best friend stops by. She never looks up as she is so engrossed in her book. She tells him to go get a snack from the kitchen as he waits. She falls fantasyland and fantasizes her sun’s best friend is a vampire from her book. It is quite the erotic fantasy!...

Tags: BJs n HJs
BTS of Home Theater
Beth McKenna, Leilani Lei
Camera is set up early, videographer immediately makes a suggestion for the scene due to what he sees. Everyone agrees and all get ready to start filming. First Leilani needs to find a DVD for Savvy to watch while he masturbates at the start of the scene before the women join in. Darn spa having to close...

Tags: Behind The Scenes
Home Theater
Beth McKenna, Leilani Lei
A man gets up and goes to the kitchen for some food. He sees a note on the fridge from his two roommates. They have gone to the spa for the day. He is excited to have the whole day to himself and the first thing he decides to do is masturbate to porn. Unfortunately the spa had a major pipe leak and shut...

Tags: Cougar, Interracial, Threesomes n More
BTS of Neighborhood Milf 22
Leilani Lei, SavvyG
Slutty milf shows up at her neighbors house in a raincoat and heels. She knows he’s home and she wants to fuck. She caught him just out of the shower. Apparently he got quite excited as well. He fucked her hard and came fast!

Tags: Behind The Scenes
Neighborhood Milf 22
Leilani Lei, SavvyG
Neighborhood slut visits one of her fav neighbors. She arrives in heels and a long coat. She is naked underneath. She wants a good quick fuck and he delivers! Guess he got a bit too excited by her outfit! POSTIONS: blow job, seated cowgirl, missionary CUMSHOT: on belly

Tags: Cougar, Interracial
BTS of Itemized Seduction
Beth McKenna, Leilani Lei
Camera was set up early to capture us getting ready for the scene, all of the filming of the scene is captured and some talking after the scene. Two mature tax preparers have to tell a client they owe taxes, a huge amount of taxes. After they fuck him they discover their error.

Tags: Behind The Scenes
Itemized Seduction
Beth McKenna, Leilani Lei
Two mature tax preparers call a client into the office. They have to tell him he owes an exorbitant amount of taxes. He freaks out, says no way. They suggest a break, a sex break, to calm the situation and relieve some stress. When they take another look at his numbers, they discover a mistake. POSITIONS:...

Tags: Cougar, Interracial, Threesomes n More
Right Swipe
Beth McKenna, Leilani Lei
Leilani walks in on Beth to see what she is doing for the night. Beth is on Lumber, that site where the guy just wants to fuck you. Leilani says why are on that silly site? Beth says because she is horny as hell. Beth goes to take a long bath. Leilani starts posting pictures to Beth’s account, gets...

Tags: Cougar, Interracial, Threesomes n More
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