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Models / Whitney Morgan

Avg Rating: 5.0

Whitney Morgan Vital Stats:

Whitney is an amazing model and actress. She is a true switch, being able to take on submissive and dominant roles. She is one of the most versatile talents available. She has done everything from Glamour modeling to hardcore scenes. She is most well know as the Queen of fetishes! She is available for customs.

Whitney Morgan Updates

Feet Ignoring You 5
Leilani Lei, Whitney Morgan
Whitney got a look at her and Leilani’s roommate's computer. He left it open, so many tabs! Whitney takes pictures, finds Leilani in her room and shows her what their roommate watches. Feet seem to be the focus of all the sites. They discuss what they have found. Their flip flops fall off while they...

Tags: Voyeur Foot Worship
Cougars Find Delicious Prey
Leilani Lei, Liv
Cougars walk into a room talking about how hungry they are. It is time for lunch, what should they have, where should they go? Wait, what are those tiny things on the floor? Are they bugs? No! They are tiny little men. How did they get so small? Where did they come from? Are they tasty?

Tags: Fetish
Tickling Pay Back
Leilani Lei, Liv
Whitney was on set constantly tickling everyone’s feet if they were in her reach and without consent. We had enough. We bind her up and tickle her feet relentlessly to teach her a lesson. We don’t think she learned it though ..

Tags: Tickling
Smelly Sock Tease
Beth McKenna, Leilani Lei
Three women are resting after a work out, having a chat, when they notice you creeping closer to them with your nose twitching. Is this guy attracted to the stink of their feet? They had heard about guys like this. They tease him before eventually showing him their brightly colored socks. Telling him...

Tags: POV Foot Worship, Socks
Beth Is Bound n Flogged
Beth McKenna, Whitney Morgan
Mistress Whitney ties a naked Beth to a chair and flogs her.

Tags: Bondage
Who Is The Most Ticklish?
Leilani Lei, Liv
Liv has three pairs of feet lined up. She wants to know which pair is the most ticklish and which foot of each pair. She tickles one foot at a time until she finds out!

Tags: Tickling
Whitney n Leilani Dominate Beth 2
Beth McKenna, Leilani Lei
The mistresses are not done playing with their submissive. They have removed the rope, the gag, the collar and have donned their strap-on’s. The submissive is eager to please and have her pussy pounded.

Tags: Fetish, Strapon
Whitney n Leilani Dominate Beth
Beth McKenna, Leilani Lei
Two mistresses have fun with a submissive. They slide a harness around the submissive waist. A collar, leash and gag are added. Submissive is put on all fours. The mistresses warm up the submissive with hand spanks to the ass. They use floggers, crops and a paddle for more impact play. The submissive’s...

Tags: Fetish
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