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Models / Lola Leda

Avg Rating: 4.0

Lola Leda Vital Stats:

Lola is an all natural small breasted long haired sexy young woman. She is a natural actress and ever so sensual.

Lola Leda Updates

A Naughty Threesome
Leilani Lei, Lola Leda
Milf Leilani is packing for a trip when Lola discovers her glass dildo’s and vibrator she packed. Lola wants to know what they are. Leilani shows her how to use them and leaves them with her. While she is gone, Lola uses the toys Leilani left her, unaware Nicky is watching and jerking off. Milf Leilani...

Tags: Facial, MILF, Roleplay, Threesomes n More
Caught Perving
Leilani Lei, Lola Leda
Milf Leilani arrives home to discover Nicky perving on Lola masturbating. And he’s jerking off! She grabs him by his hard dick and drags him into the room to tell Lola. As Leilani stands there about to lecture and humiliate she is distracted by his hard cock that has not gone down. She taps it to discover...

Tags: Facial, MILF, Roleplay, Threesomes n More
Lola Leda Masturbates
Lola Leda
Lola has had a long hard day and remembered the dildo and vibrator milf Leilani said she could use. She decides now would be a good time to try them out on herself. She had enjoyed when Leilani showed her how to use them. While Lola enjoys her masturbation session, she is unaware that someone is peeking...

Tags: Masturbation
Lola's First Glass Dildo
Leilani Lei, Lola Leda
As milf Leilani is packing for a trip, her glass dildo’s and vibrator fall into view of young Lola. Now Lola wants to know what they are. Leilani happily shows her how to use dildo’s. Lola enjoys them so much Leilani leaves them for her to use while she is gone.

Tags: Girls Girls Girls, Masturbation, Roleplay
Virgin Is Taught Sex
Leilani Lei, Lola Leda
Milf Leilani walks in on Lola giving Nicky a blow job. She is shocked. Turns out Lola has never had sex, never given a blow job but has done hand jobs, but not well it seems. So she turned to Nicky for help. When Leilani finds this out she helps instruct Lola in the ways of sex by using Nicky’s hard...

Tags: MILF, Roleplay, Threesomes n More
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