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Models / Dorky Darien

Avg Rating: 5.0

Dorky Darien Vital Stats:

Darien is a cute up and coming young male talent I had the pleasure of working with. While he identifies with the term geek, he chose to stand out from the crowd by using dorky, rarely heard these days. I expect you may hear more of it in the future. With advanced notice Darien is available for customs.

Dorky Darien Updates

Milf Picks The Dork
Dorky Darien, Leilani Lei
Milf walks out to the pool assessing the men gathered there. Nice looking men. She asks to join them, a young stud, a young redhead, a young muscular man and a young dork. She sits with them while her eyes travel their bodies, deciding who she wants to fuck. The men all ask her to sit closer to them...

Tags: Cougar, Interracial
The Virginity Con
Dorky Darien, Jonathan Jordan
Milf is hanging out with her bull one afternoon. She wanted to be fucked but his young dorky cousin was visiting so her bull was entertaining him. He asked his dorky cousin if he was going out or still into gaming. Milf asks if the dork is still a virgin. She asks if he has ever kissed a girl, touched...

Tags: Facial, Interracial, Threesomes n More
Swinger Party Newbies
Dorky Darien, Leilani Lei
A couple go to a swinger club for the first time not knowing what exactly to expect. They walk in and pass by a couple who are making out. They find a spot on the couch to sit and observe the party. A couple immediately sit next to them, introducing themselves as she pulls the man’s dick out, giving...

Tags: Cougar, Interracial, MILF, Threesomes n More
Dorky Science
Dorky Darien, Leilani Lei
Leilani needed results of the work from the dorks for her superiors. She went straight to the head dork to hurry them along. They had been asking for and receiving extensions for too long. Results were needed. Was it possible to fully control someone’s mind? He says it is ready. But they have done...

Tags: Facial, Interracial
Seducing A Dork
Dorky Darien, Leilani Lei
Milf is having problems with her computer. Programs are running real slow. Internet seems to be bogged down. When programs do eventually load sometimes they are just not right. Some of it is in code, some options work and others don’t. She finally calls a computer dork to her house. He says he can...

Tags: Interracial
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